March 29, 2015 FGXpress - Forevergreen

Money Making Opportunity!

FGXpress released 3 incredible revolutionairy new products,  one of them called “Powerstrip“ is a patch that you put anywhere on your body that can relief pain , 100% natural! The business plan is based on word-of-mouth. When 40% of the entire world population wakes up with chronic pain , it shouldn’t be too hard to catch peoples’ attention. So this is a GOLDEN chance to get early into this opportunity and be the first in your area!

There’s nothing easier than putting on this “sticker” anywhere you have pain, and often after 15 minutes up to a couple of hours, the pain is gone. No sales talk needed to promote this product, people will say ‘thank you, where can I buy those?”

What is FGXpress?
FGXpress is a division of ForeverGreen Worldwide. ForeverGreen is over 10 years in business based in Utah and focuses on health restoration by providing consumers with the healthiest products that utilize the highest quality ingredients.

What are Powerstrips, how do they work?
Powerstrips can provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.

How to Earn Money From FGXpress?
The business plan is based on word-of-mouth. So you tell a few people and those people tell other people, and you make a percentage off all of them. FGXpress has put together a lucrative compensation system that rewards individuals for referring others to purchase the PowerStrips™ directly from FGXpress.
You will get a personal FGXpress website address and can refer as many people as possible to this site to purchase Powerstrips™. The more people that buy the product, the more money that can be made.

With the FGXpress Compensation plan there are 5 ways to get paid!
FGXpress is designed to bless millions of people with a superior residual income! The product and opportunity are easy and simple, so it’s just up to you to spread the words..


How to get started?
Register as distributor and pay one time $12 and purchase at least one of their products , Powerstrips, Solarstrips or Beautystrips for $69.95 and start sampling.

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