May 16, 2015 FGXpress - Forevergreen

Solarstrips – Superfood

SolarStrips™ are a breathtakingly refreshing look at nutrition. Designed to dissolve on the tongue for maximum absorption, 37.5 milligrams of Alpha3 CMP™ marine phytoplankton are packed into each breath-freshening strip.

Marine phytoplankton is the world’s oldest and most complete raw nutrition source. Imagine giving your body 37.5mg of pure, bioavailable marine phytoplankton in a delicious dissolving breath strip! SolarStrips are the newest, most convenient way to enjoy the raw food benefits of marine phytoplankton, along with established ForeverGreen favorites like FrequenSea. ForeverGreen’s Medical Director Dr. Becky Maes explains SolarStrips… what they are and how they work.


Alpha3 CMP™ Marine Phytoplankton

Marine phytoplankton are microscopic plants that thrive in the Earth’s oceans, promoting the life and energy of the planet. Also known as nature’s super food, marine phytoplankton boast a nutrition profile that is unmatched by any other known naturally-occurring food source.

ForeverGreen brings you the purest and most proprietary blend of marine phytoplankton available in our Alpha3 CMP™ products. We maintain an exclusive relationship with a sea farm in the pacific northwest known for being the first to successfully grow and harvest marine phytoplankton in its truest, most complex form.

SolarStrips are a great-tasting convenient nutritional boost. Enjoy and share abundantly!


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